Bonedry Briquette Mix


A selection designed to give you the best of our briquettes, from firelighters to long-burning briquettes. This mix is a great way of trying a mixture of our favourite briquettes. We find that using a mixture of briquettes and our logs offers the best burning experience.
Consists of:

Waxling Firelighters – 2 x bags of 40 firelighters

Hotmax – 5 x bags of cobs; weighing 20kg/bag             100kg    

Lewis Long Burn 12 packs of 12; weighing 10kg/pack   120kg

Pini Kay15 packs of 10; weighing 10kg/pack                  150kg
                                                                          Total       370kg

Burning characteristics:

Hotmax are easy to light, producing a quick heat with an excellent flame. They make a great kindling, but also last several hours.
Pini-kay are a very versatile briquette. They produce a great flame and then settle down into a hot, glowing rod which will emit good heat for many hours. If you break them into smaller sections, they are easy to light and make an excellent kindling.
Lewis Long Burn are more of a long-burn briquette. I use them as a base for the fire. I place two on edge in an open ‘V’ with a firelighter in the middle and a few Hotmax loosely gathered around the lighter. Crack a Pini-kay in half and place across the top of the Lewis. This combination will light easily, quickly develop a good flame and heat, and burn long and hot. This will produce a good flame and extend the life of the fire.  
Waxling are an excellent non-toxic lighter. They contain only wood wool soaked in candle and beeswax.

Occasionally, we will substitute products with an alternative, depending on stock levels. Any substitutions will always be of equal or higher value and will be suitable for the same purpose

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