Grade B Kiln Dried Ash Logs - Crates, Bulk bags


Ash firewood is widely regarded as the best firewood for log burning due to its ability to flame well and produce a high heat output with low ash production.  

Important Note on Grade B.

Occasionally we have Full Crates crates that do not meet our strict quality control criteria. These logs have been rejected due to defects such as mould, discolouration or unacceptable moisture levels. They are sold at a discount on an “as is” basis and any returns are strictly at the customer’s expense.

Dried to an average moisture content of 25% these logs are slightly higher in moisture content than or normal, have slight discolouring, are split and cut to 25cm lengths and should fit in the vast majority of wood burning appliances.

 Although higher in moisture content than normal these still burn well and are at a discounted price 

Wood Type: 100% Ash (arguably the best type of firewood available!)

Log Length: 25cm

Moisture Content: 20/25%

 PRICE NOW includes VAT@5% Government reduced rate for household use